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This Ebola outbreak has my mind running a million miles a minute

my middle school fears are resurfacing & a disease to this magnitude is no joke

I encourage everyone to do research because of the seriousness of the situation there are probably things being…

my sources are directly from the CDC, through press releases and interview - and yes I am taking into account that they will attempt to keep the public calm because any contagion will only spread faster with public panic. 

The chances that it will go airborne are the same as your chances of being hit by lightening after winning the lottery, twice. Is it possible, yes, is it going to happen, probably not. Diseases can mutate and change, but this strain that is going around and causing so many deaths right now is a very old strain - less likely to mutate, and less likely to do a lot of damage if it does mutate. Same with the aerosol particles, we’re talking EXTREMELY low odds of that happening, it probably will happen in the future, but not with this outbreak. 

The bush meat is what the CDC is saying as the source, which makes sense since ebola originates with animals and this is again one of the older, original strains of ebola. Many of the reasons for continued deaths is that though bush meat has been outlawed, it cannot be properly regulated so it is still on the market, health workers and doctors have to take care/touch/medicate victims which highly increases the chance of exposure, along with many of the ceremonial practices used when victims pass have a lot of touching of the victim’s body - this is why so many people have gotten sick after funerals in the local areas. 

if you’re really getting freaked out about this i would suggest you stop reading about it, as the CDC said, “it’s nothing to be worried about, but it is something to pay attention to”, a subtle but important difference

maybe find a way to relax and chill, that doesn’t include watching medical dramas or movies like contagion haha


Anonymous asked:

are you anti-sex work

"Liberal Arts" Answer:


I’m pro sex worker and will always be

I’m anti porn industry 

I’m pro  sex industry reform 

I feel like things in the porn industry have gone unregulated for way too long and it has created a power structure of misogyny and sex crime. The concept of porn isn’t bad to me, but porn culture has yielded a generation of sex misinformation and it has also romanticized violence against women (rape fantasy in particular). Many times avid porn consumers generate a skewed view of bodily autonomy and they feel they’re entitled to sexualize whomever they please in the name of free speech which I don’t agree with and that’s why I don’t want porn blogs to follow me. 

The pro sex industry reform is hella important. Most of the current dynamics in the sex worker industry are dominated by men (pimps generally - though that word has become so racialized I hate using it) where women and girls are kidnapped, stolen, tricked, forced or any other synonym for “without consent”  into the sex industry. Girls are trafficked all over the country, most as young as 11-14 when they start and are latter forced into bringing more young girls into the “business”. 

There is no problem with sex work, but the majority of street level infrastructure (i.e non self employed cam/call girls) don’t have agency over their bodies or control of their sex work - and that power dynamic needs to be destroyed. 

*there’s so much more to this topic i’m only grazing the surface. you can go into the violence, drug abuse, anti blackness and white supremacy, not to mention victim blaming and institutionalized violence against victims. ugh. 

patriarchy at work to the fullest oldest proffession oldest and purest patriarchal power dynamic